Start A New Once-A-Week Hobby With Your Kids

Maybe you’re looking for ways to fill downtime. Or want to encourage your child to start a new hobby that could develop into a passion.

Or perhaps you just want to spend time doing something fun with your kids to build memories.

No matter the case, I have something fun for you to try!

This 4 month photography project is easy, engaging, and doesn’t take more than 1 day a week.

And if you happen to be in the middle of a world-wide pandemic (cough cough EVERYONE IN THE WHOLE WORLD), then this will keep you entertained through the start of the new school year.

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Why photography for a hobby?

The better question is, why not photography? Because it’s a much shorter list.

As a matter of fact, the only reason I can think that you wouldn’t want to do this is if you just hate looking for the beauty in every day things.

Or have such extreme mobility issues that you can’t get around your house or a limited amount of areas outdoors.

Other than that, taking up photography provides an opportunity to see the world in a better light, look for beautiful things, and use technology you already have.

If nothing else, it will get you up and moving instead of bored on Netflix.

So what is this photography challenge?

Simply put, you will have a single subject each week.

Anyone who is participating will be assigned to take as many photos as they want to capture that subject.

A single photo will be submitted to the judge (most likely Mom or Dad) and graded on it’s creativity, relevance, and overall style.

Practically speaking, our family will be doing this on Thursdays. Most weeks will include topics that can be done from home. However, occasionally we will venture outdoors (open spaces, hikes, parks, etc).

Each of my stepkids will be using their device (iPods, cell phone) to capture their photos.

They can, if they choose, use the free Adobe Lightroom app to make adjustments to the photos.

Their best photo will be sent to me for judging. Each week will have an overall winner who will get bragging rights and the amazing honor of picking what we watch on movie night.

The grand prize winner will earn themselves a restaurant selection when life goes back to normal after social-distancing.

Added bonus, if your kids/step kids are not with you every week, this project can still be completed remotely. Thank the Lord for technology!!


How will I keep track of everything?

Easy…I’ve come up with a simple spreadsheet for you to use. It’s the same one I’m using and it’s pretty slick.

You can add as many or as few participants as you need.

I’ve even included a video on how to use it.

You will just need Microsoft Excel or access to Google sheets. Google sheets is a free service so there really isn’t any reason you can’t participate.

What are the rules?

As with most things in life, there are a few rules. Obviously you can add to or remove any rules from this list to fit your family situation.

  1. Photos cannot be entered more than once.
  2. If you miss a week, you miss out on the opportunity to get points that week.
  3. Photos must be taken by that person.
  4. Digital editing is okay, but determine how much your family is going to allow.
  5. Photos must be ‘turned in’ by [whatever time you chose].

It’s really pretty simple.

What kind of things are on the photos list?

The list contains one ‘subject’ per week, as previously mentioned. Each week is listed on the spreadsheet that you can get by signing up to receive (very infrequent…seriously) updates from The Winding Willows.

Things like bugs, trees, sunset/sunrise, sports, in the kitchen, and crafts provide guidance without being overbearing. It’s also appropriate for kids, teens, and adults.

The list is editable, so feel free to change up anything you want.

What will I do with all these photos?

I am most looking forward to looking back in 5-10 years and seeing how my stepkids’ little brains work during this time.

Will they show my youngest’s sense of happy-go-lucky? Or our teenager’s to-cool-for-school demeanor?

I don’t know but I bet we will remember this project for years to come.

And all the pictures will be placed in a Shutterstock album to look at in the future.

Good luck and get snapping

I genuinely hope this is as fun for your family as it has been for ours so far.

My stepkids have been thrilled about the idea since the moment I suggested it.

I would love to know how it goes for your guys.

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