Why I use KindUrth Organic CBD Products

If you’ve ever looked into CBD products, you know the internet is CHOCK FULL of every possible product you can imagine.

Organic. Local. Strongest. Better than the rest. All natural.

There is literally no label that hasn’t been applied to these products.

So how do you chose which CBD product is best for you?

For me, it was through trial and error. In that process, I found the KindUrth products and have not looked back!

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Is all CBD equal and comparable?

In the simplest definition, CBD is a type of supplement.

And like most supplements, it is not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration in the US. This means that claims about strength and function are not verifiable through a standard testing process.

So the first thing to be aware of when shopping for CBD is that not all CBD is created equal and not all claims are accurate.

Processing and formulas play a large roll in the quality of the product. As does the type of plant used to create the product.

For example, some hemp plants, which CBD is derived from, are formulated more for the physical qualities of the fibers than for the medicinal qualities of the CBD.

So what does all this info mean?

That you should do your research before hand and understand that not every product you chose will be a winner.

You can also look at reviews (like this one, for example) and see what kind of experience other users have had. I’ll share below several of the reasons you can’t beat KindUrth products when it comes to CBD.

Why even use CBD?

There are almost an endless list of reasons you might want to try CBD.

And more and more these reasons are being backed by scientific studies. If you’re looking for a deep-dive into some of these studies, start here and see where it takes you.

But if you’re wanting the simple answer, studies and reviews indicate it can be useful for chronic pain, targeted pain, anxiety, depression, sleep aid, migraines/headaches, PMS, and perhaps sexual health.

One thing you might notice about this list is that they can all be treated with a laundry-list of pharmaceuticals. And sometimes that’s the right path.

But if you’re looking for a more natural method for relief, CBD is a great option. Companies such as KindUrth provide natural, organic, vegan, chemical-free CBD products with very few downsides.

Is CBD legal?

Simple answer: yes, CBD is legal in the United States.

Long answer: still yes, but here’s why you might be confused.

CBD is derived from hemp plants. A hemp plant can be exactly identical to a marijuana plant, but just in an earlier stage of life. It can also be the ‘male’ plant instead of the female plant.

Put simply, hemp plants are male and female. The males will always produce THC and will make female plants produce THC, as well. A female plant, however, does not produce large amounts of THC until later in its life-cycle. It can contain small amounts of THC without being considered a marijuana plant and must be harvested before it crosses that threshold.

Small parts of THC (which make up marijuana) are acceptable in a hemp plant as long as it does not cross the .3% barrier. When it does, it become marijuana and is legal in only certain states and not at all federally (in the US).

What to look for in a CBD product


I’ve put this first on the list because it’s the most impressive part of KindUrth and one I would not be comfortable shopping without in the future.

If you’re searching for the right product for you, be sure to ask to see similar documentation if they aren’t readily available on the website or sales page.

KindUrth provides the 3rd-party testing results for every one of their products on their website. These are comprehensive tests that show the exact chemical makeup of their products and if they contained any other chemicals or addatives.

In other words, you can verify before you ever buy that their products contain exactly what they say they contain. And don’t contain anything extra.

In a world gone crazy with pesticides and additives, you really can’t be too careful.

You can see their list of lab tests here.


Be sure to find a CBD company that sources its hemp and/or oil from a licensed US grower or licensed grower in a country with strict regulation on hemp production. Canada is another excellent example as they have had legal hemp growing since the late 1990’s.

Yes, this will make it more expensive.

But it will also ensure you are consuming a product that has been grown under strict guidelines that ensure it is safe and healthy.

KindUrth sources all their CBD from licensed US farms.


This one can be a double-edged sword.

I DO NOT recommend gowing with the least expensive CBD products.

As a matter of fact, this is definitely an area where you are going to get more ‘bang’ for your buck if you’re paying a little more for your product.

There are several reasons for this, including:

-Hemp grown for CBD quality sales for more than hemp for fiber. Sourcing the cheapest hemp for your product does not take into consideration the potential use of the product.
-There are several processing methods to remove CBD oil from the hemp plant. The more expensive methods do not compromise the product as much.
-Inexpensive fillers make up a greater part of less expensive products.

Don’t break the bank. But don’t look for the cheapest option, either.

KindUrth is on the upper-middle end of the spectrum but I find I’m willing to pay a little more for a product that I know is safe and I know will work.

How has CBD helped me?

Like I said earlier, one way to do your research is to read about other people’s experiences.

As a person with Fibromyalgia and several accompanying issues like anxiety, sleep disturbance, etc, I find that CBD is a great option for ‘taking the edge off’.

It doesn’t eliminate all my pain. And it doesn’t get rid of all my anxiety or knock me out at night.

But it’s a great addition to add to other pain management methods like the WaveLife Energy Cell, essential oils, massage, infrared saunas, and others.

And it makes using pharmaceutical medicines less necessary or unnecessary, which is how I try to manage my various health issues.

Other ‘selling points’ for KindUrth

I have been extremely pleased with the KindUrth products I’ve tried so I want to share with you a few more reasons why this is the company I chose when shopping for CBD.

  • One word – TASTE! If you’ve ever tried CBD products, you know they taste…ahem…unappealing. I’ve even tried some that have peppermint or other flavors added to cover the taste. It’s still bad. KindUrth has no hemp flavor. That alone is enough of a selling point for me most days!
  • They have a great product range that provides many different options for different people. They range from muscle pain relief to sleep aids and several areas in between. You can also find products in several forms: tinctures, creams, gummies, etc.
  • Quick product shipping. If you order before 4pm EST, you’re product is shipped same day!
  • They offer a veteran’s discount. My husband was a Marine and I always appreciate companies that go the extra mile to thank him and his brothers/sisters for their service.

Who shouldn’t take CBD?

Ok, I’ve given you a big list of all the reasons you SHOULD take CBD. But what if you shouldn’t?

There is a small list of medicines that don’t work well these products and you would definitely want to talk to your doctor first. They are: warafin, theophylline, clobazam, and valproate.

And just because I want to be on the safe side, I should tell you I do not have a medical degree of any kind. Me and science didn’t get a long in school. These are simply my thoughts and experience with CBD for my various chronic health issues.

Also, don’t drink and drive and don’t do drugs.


Bringing it all together

Not to sound too sales-y, but I really do believe in the KindUrth products and love the ones I’ve used. I have tried an endless amount of hemp and CBD products with little to no result and this one was different from the very beginning.

And did I mention that taste?

They set themselves apart from before you even purchase by being 100% transparent about their testing and product ingredients.

Even if you’re just looking to start somewhere, this is a great place to start. You can be sure the products are safe to try and will give you a great starting point for comparison-shopping.

Head on over the KindUrth website to check out some of their products, including my favorite: the CBD muscle relief cream.

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