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This blog started in 2019 to reach out to and help women who were facing similar experiences and struggles. Unfortunately that labor of love has been difficult to maintain because it never allowed time for me to think and live outside of those struggles.

The last few years had one particular benefit, though – I found a love for blogging and community. So I’m very happy to be changing the focus of The Winding Willows to talk about one of the things in this world I get tremendous joy from. Country living and country gardening.

I know that’s quite a change. And I hope my loyal readers can forgive me. I also hope you can still find something useful on these pages. 

You will start seeing small changes in the look/branding/content of this blog starting immediately (August 2, 2022). Join me in the new journey!


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Hi, I'm Amanda

I’m the real woman behind The Winding Willows.  I’m here to help you survive and be successful in your home, health, and happiness when things don’t go to plan or they’re just plain hard. 

I know a little about that as someone whose ‘dream life’ turned out to be different than what I’d thought it would be.  Every day is a new adventure and we can walk through it together.

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