Twas The Night Before Christmas For Stepmoms

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Love, laughter, family, presents, the birth of Jesus, Santa, and food.

But Stepmom knows it’s also the time for difficult custody schedules, present overload for stepkids who have more than a handful of Christmas celebrations, and competing exes.

But it doesn’t have to be bad. It can be stressful and still wonderful, Stepmom!

And to get you kicked off on the right foot, I’ve pulled together a little poem for you. Ok, to be fair, most of the work was already done thanks to Clement Clark Moore’s “Twas the Night Before Christmas.”

But this year, we’re doing it up, stepmom style.

So grab your tea (or coffee or wine), prop your feet up, and have a good time.

….apparently I’m still in rhyme mode…..


Twas the Week Before Christmas

Twas the week before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a stepmom was relaxed, not even an ounce;
The stepkids were fighting, pulling each others’ hair,
While Stepmom hid in the closet for prayer;

The holiday schedule was causing a twich in her eyelid,
Can someone tell me who gets Christmas this year with the kids?
And Mom wants more time so she’s causing a flap,
One more text and Stepmom is likely to snap;

While watching TV the stepkids were gathered,
but when it was time for chores they did scatter,
Away like the wind they flew in a flash,
With assurances that Dad would never make them do that;

The weatherman says “This Christmas there’ll be snow,”
It will all be tracked through the house, she just knows,
When what to her wondering eyes did appear,
But all the stepkids dressed up like reindeer;

They ran up and gave her a hug real quick,
A display of love that gave her heart a big kick,
More rapid than eagles her tears they came,
The title of Stepmom she was proud to claim;

Now, Dad is saying goodbye to the stepkids again,
On Christmas Eve they’ll come home until the following weekend!
She knows when they’re home they have such a ball,
But Stepmom feels a small hint of dread for it all;

Her husband knows that in her heart she does try,
To love her stepkids so much she could cry;
And even when they make her feel blue,
There’s nothing for them that she would not do;

And then, in a twinkling, the dog warns with woofs,
The kids have come home prancing and acting like goofs,
The noise and chaos and all of the sound,
Are part of the life that stepmom has found;

She might look like a mom from her head to her foot,
But Mom makes that idea quickly caput;
For since she didn’t give birth she must lack,
What every mom must need to be part of the pack;

Despite all the work and burdens she does carry,
Stepmom knows that their dad she did marry!
So she keeps her head up and her heart stays aglow,
Knowing that in her stepkids’ lives her love she does sow;

Now the presents are stacked around the tree, above and beneath,
And the kids have fudge stuck in their teeth,
Stepmom says, “You have enough snacks in your belly,”
She’s tired and wants to go to bed because her legs feel like jelly;

Thank the Lord I don’t have to deal with that Elf,
I’m completely over putting it on every shelf
It’s Christmas Eve so everyone bows their head
And gives thank for being happy, healthy, and fed;

This Stepmom gig is really a lot of hard work,
And her stepkids sometimes think she’s a jerk,
You’re not their mom,” the old saying goes,
But a mom does much more than give birth and it shows;

So tonight she will choose not to bristle,
She’ll tuck them in bed and hand out kisses to all,
And you’ll hear her exclaim with all of her might—
“Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”

A few parting words

Honestly, I know every Stepmom’s experience is going to be a little different. Our family doesn’t deal with some of the complications in this poem. And we do deal with others.

But most every stepmom can benefit from doing a few simple things this Christmas:

  • Don’t sweat the small stuff. Decide which complication is a big deal and which isn’t. Let the small ones go.
  • Focus on family, faith, and fun. It will be much easier on your heart if you can remember what is important at Christmas and don’t let the hurts ruin your time.
  • Find your own Christmas traditions. Christmas doesn’t have to be on the 25th. Maybe you celebrate a week later. Or fit it all in on Christmas Eve. But your family can do whatever it wants and doesn’t have to compete with anyone. Speaking traditions, read about an excellent blended family tradition here.
  • Eat lots of Christmas cookies. I don’t need to explain this one. You know what to do.

I hope you’ve enjoyed a little bit of light-hearted Christmas fun.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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Twas the Night Before Christmas for Stepmoms.  Funny christmas | stepmom christmas | stepfamilies | blended families | bonus mom Christmas
Twas the Night Before Christmas for Stepmoms.  Funny christmas | stepmom christmas | stepfamilies | blended families | bonus mom Christmas


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