A Prayer For Our Children As They Return To School

“Things will get better, buddy. I promise.”

“It doesn’t feel like it.”

I heard those words on a TV show this week and just started to cry. Because I agree with them so much.

Fortunately for me, my adult brain has years of dealing with emotion and I handle it pretty well (mostly).

But our kids do not. And as they head back to school this week, there is A LOT that can make them emotional. This post-pandemic (or is it ‘post’ yet??) is almost more than anyone knows how to handle.

It wasn’t so long ago that we were already worried about their burden when they ran the risk of getting shot at or bullied or just had to navigate being young. But now we’ve added masks and disease and not being able to see friends in other classes.

And ITS. A. LOT.

So as my stepkids and nieces and nephews return to school this week, I’m saying this prayer over them, their friends, their teachers, and their schools. Maybe you can take 30 seconds and say it with me.

Dear heavenly Father

My hearts are going back to school this week and I’m lifting them up to you to protect them when they are away from the safety of their homes.

Whatever the danger of this pandemic is for kids, keep them safe from it. Keep their lungs clear and their hands as clean as possible for kids.

I pray that you give their hearts and minds the peace that only you can bring because they are worried about how things will change. They are worried about wearing masks and not seeing their friends.

Keep their minds focused on learning so that their time away from their families is not wasted but advancing their futures. And may their masks be as comfortable as possible during their days at school.

Their pick-ups and drop-offs are different and everything in between has changed, too. And the routines that kids rely on are gone. Give them the patience to deal with new processes when they were just getting used to the old ones.

I pray that you would give their teachers the same patience because heaven knows they are going to need it. Bless them for whatever risk they are putting themselves through to be there for our kids and teach them.

Please give wisdom to the administrators and health departments who are daily making decisions that impact our children’s lives. Help them find the balance between safety and living/learning that our new and weird society will need to move forward.

Above all, Lord, let them continue to show Your love to those around them. The world is angry, Lord. May the love that You show us and we show through us help mend the hearts of the people they interact with every day.


Whether they’re going back to school or distance learning, come share your first day of school pictures on my Facebook!

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