50 Journal Prompts For Isolation

Nothing says “social isolation” quite like picking up a new hobby. And if you’re currently hiding away from the world, journaling is definitely for you.

It will give you an outlet for your thoughts and feelings that you might not be able to share with another human. It will also give you a way to look back on this experience, someday in the future when the world has moved on, and see who you were during this historic time.

The great thing about journaling is, it doesn’t have to be ‘just’ one thing. It can be fun and entertaining. It can be thought-provoking and serious. It is often sad, happy, and everything in between.

You can do it at your own pace and make it whatever you need it to be. Even if you have never journaled before!

Now, I’m not saying you need a journaling practice that will last you for the rest of your life. (But maybe you’ll want to keep going?!?)

But documenting your experience during an event such as this is an opportunity you can’t pass up. Especially if you find yourself with excess time on your hands.

So here you go. The official list of 50 journal prompts that are specific to isolation. Some of them are more fun and some are more thought-provoking. Pick and choose and make this time something special for you!

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Journal Prompts for Isolation During Social Distancing

  1. What has been the most positive change in my lifestyle since isolation started?
  2. How is social isolation impacting my mental health?
  3. What am I most looking forward to the day isolation is lifted?
  4. Who would I visit if I could visit someone today?
  5. How will I take care of myself today?
  6. How do I feel others are reacting to everything happening in the world right now?
  7. What is my hope for myself tomorrow? Next week?
  8. What is something I’m grateful for in isolation?
  9. What is something I can change about today?
  10. What business will I support when they are open again?

TIP: Sometimes a fancy journal will help keep you motivated. I love >>This One<< and use it for my daily journaling!

  1. What is something I’m afraid about today?
  2. What is something I’m afraid about when isolation ends?
  3. How has/will isolation impact my job or ability to make money?
  4. What is something I need right now?
  5. I need to avoid [this] today.
  6. Who needs my help with something during isolation?
  7. Why can/can’t I help someone I want to?
  8. If I could fix ONE thing right now, what would it be?
  9. The word I would use to describe my feelings today is ____.
  10. I wish I was/wasn’t stuck in quarantine with ____.
  1. What is something I have done WAY TOO MUCH of during isolation?
  2. What is something I haven’t done enough of during isolation?
  3. What is something good that has come of isolation?
  4. What is the funniest isolation ‘joke’ I have seen so far?
  5. What is the kindest thing I have done during isolation?
  6. The kindest thing I’ve seen/heard about during isolation is ____?
  7. I couldn’t live without ____ during isolation?
  8. The best resource I’ve found that I didn’t know about before is ____?
  9. How am I thankful today?
  10. I did ____ during my funnest day of isolation.
  1. How am I connecting with loved ones/friends during this time?
  2. Who do I miss the most?
  3. Do I know someone who has been sick with the virus?
  4. I am more/less/equally as scared now than I was 2 weeks ago. How and why?
  5. What will I change in my life moving forward?
  6. What have I learned about myself during this time?
  7. What have I learned about human nature during this time?
  8. Who am I proudest of for their actions during isolation?
  9. Who do I think should have done better?
  10. My emotions have been ____ today.
  1. What is something I haven’t missed during this time?
  2. I am in better/worse/the same shape mentally compared to before.
  3. How has this changed my world view (economic, social, political, etc)?
  4. Who has most of my sympathy right now?
  5. Who has the least of my sympathy right now?
  6. One hope I have for my future is ____.
  7. One hope I have for society’s future is ____.
  8. What is something new I’ve learned about during this time?
  9. I think this has been a good experience because….
  10. I think this has been a bad experience because…

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